Let’s get this straight: we’re not JUST another natural skincare brand.

We felt like bodycare for active people was being left behind.

After a gym session, morning run, weekend bike trip or evening basketball with friends, we’ve found ourselves struck by a lack of products designed to tackle athletes’ skin-related issues.

We’ve often struggled with sweat-breakouts, redness or dryness and the traditional products were not helping us along.

That’s how we’ve decided to create clean, honest products that genuinely help people get better skin while they sweat.


No suspect chemicals. Just powerful active ingredients your body needs extra after physical activity.


No matter your age, sex, or ethnicity. We make products designed specifically for people who train.


Fresh & envigorating. We use only pure essential oils to scent our products. No synthetic perfumes.


We simply love animals. That’s why we never test our products or ingredients on animals.

We’re sceptics. We do not believe in empty claims.

No pseudoscience & ‘green’ half–truths. We rely on research, clean, effective ingredients and real–life testing to keep your skin well–conditioned.

Fewer steps, less waste.

We don’t have time for complex multi-step routines. We offer a simple, clean collection of hardworking, head-to-toe essentials that get the job done!

On the top of that, our concentrated formulas are really efficient, which means fewer bottles and shipments coming to your front door and overall less waste. Win-win!

Meet our Products:


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Natural bodycare / skincare products for active ones.